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Welcome to Motivational Interviewing: Foundations & Strategies!

Course Description: This training will be a blend of didactic material with ample time devoted to learning and practicing skills. Participants will learn the principles, processes and strategies of MI, and will learn to distinguish between sustain and change talk. Upon completion, participants will apply the foundations of MI in their work and explore opportunities to incorporate MI adherent strategies into routine conversations with clients.

This training will take place via a hybrid format of instructor-led asynchronous components and live (via Zoom, 5 sessions @ 2 hours each) practice sessions over a five-week period . The expected time required to complete the course is roughly 5-6 hours per week for a total of about 25-30 hours. All participants receive feedback: written feedback on activities submitted (partner practice work), and in the moment verbal feedback in live practice sessions. This is an intensive course covering the learning typically involved in both a basic MI training and an intermediate level training.

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss the four principles of Motivational Interviewing (Spirit of MI).
  • Discuss the four processes of Motivational Interviewing.
  • Demonstrate four skills used in Motivational Interviewing (OARS).
  • Differentiate between change talk and sustain talk.
  • Demonstrate the “Testing the Waters” framework to test readiness for planning within an MI conversation.
  • Demonstrate the 5-step process to develop an MI based Action Plan.

Course Progression:

Each weekly lesson will open on the Sunday of that week. Each page within the lesson has a different component for the course. We recommend that you complete one component each day. For instance, you could complete the presentation on Monday, the reading on Tuesday, the Window pane before our live session, our live session on Wednesday, the Send Me activity on Thursday, and the quiz on Friday. While this is our recommendation, you know how you learn best! We do ask that you complete the presentations before the live sessions as this will be a time for us to practice the skills and strategies covered in the presentations. Additionally, in order to receive feedback on your weekly Send Me activities, we must receive them by the Friday of each week by 6PM.

Click the link for Week 1 below to get started!