Group License: Motivational Interviewing: Foundations & Strategies

$399.00 / Seat

Purchase multiple seats to the course Motivational Interviewing: Foundations & Strategies!

Is your organization looking to provide self-paced MI training for multiple staff? Are you a part of a group that wants to go through this course together? This is the option for you!

Taking this course as a group has learner benefits:

  1. Keep each other motivated!
  2. Partner together to work on practice activities! It is often easier to complete the practice activities with someone who is learning along with you.
  3. Set up study groups to: discuss, practice, problem solve, etc.!

See below for benefits of a group license for the organization or group.



For organizations who wish to purchase multiple seats to the course Motivational Interviewing: Foundations & Strategies

Selecting this option for purchase will allow you to:

  • Purchase multiple seats to the course
  • Assign those seats
  • Manage and Track those seats
  • Purchase more seats in the future
  • AND become eligible for our bulk discounts!
    • 10+ seats are 5% off
    • 25+ seats are 10% off
    • 50+ seats are 15% off

*Please note: The purchaser information (the username and email) entered when you select this option will be used to generate the Group Leader role. This role will be the user to assign seats etc. Please be sure that the information you enter when purchasing this group license is for the person who will be responsible for managing the course assignments.